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It is the stated goal of Hennick Wealth to increase the wealth of individuals through the direct purchase of securities (both equities and fixed income) and the ongoing monitoring of those investments. Our success has been based on identifying opportunities that we believe offer excellent value relative to the economic environment and increased value in the future. We spend time with other investors, analysts and management teams in an effort to achieve the best possible edge. Our method is called Value Investing, and it has yielded excellent results.

We have learned that the best outcome is based around a deep understanding of each investment and the patience for it to reach fruition. We have also learned that time moves quickly, and corporate and macro factors are signposts on the road to a successful return. For these reasons, we take a modest position at the outset and look to commit more funds to each investment as our thesis begins to unfold. Our philosophy has been tested through a number of economic and stock market ups and downs. Periods such as 2002-2003 and 2008-2009 showed that despite excellent growth in the value of our portfolios prior, our diligent commitment and constant review, increased the value of client portfolios to new peaks. Our performance has been outstanding and we have participated in that performance as wellThe investment process is not an exact science, as the future is always unknown. However, by gathering as much information as possible and knowing the investments as well as we do, our long-term results have yielded returns that few others have been able to achieve. We believe that this process will continue to yield stellar results in the future.

If you are interested in a financial partner who has a track record of success and a firm foundation, we believe we offer the best of what financial advisory can be. However, our practice is not scalable and as such, we can only deal with a finite number of individuals.

Our Services

Our services include a review of your current and future wealth management needs, and an investment plan that we believe will best meet those needs. Whether your requirements involves an investment account (both corporate and personal) and/or registered accounts such as RRSP's, TSFA or RESP, we are well equipped and experienced to help you develop the best plan that meets your needs. In addition, we work closely with other professional services as they pertain to your investments, whether it is an accounting, insurance, legal or financial professional . Both Adam and Afsaneh (Afsi) take pride in our clients' comfort that this aspect of their lives is well looked after.